Dear Tom,

My name is Jed Hamoud (aka Brent Hamoud’s dad).  I want to take this moment to thank you and your team for your generous gift to repair the electrical work at Dar El Awlad (DEA).  Your gift is a demonstration of Christ’s LOVE and compassion.  Having grown up at Dar El Awlad, I can testify that the seeds you planted during the time you were there will grow beyond what you or anyone else can imagine.  Thank you for making DEA a much safer place for the children and the staff at DEA.  For that I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, your wife Linda, Gene and Steph, Keith and Jason.

I hope at some point I will have the privilege to meet you in person.  Until then Thank you so much for your contributions to DEA and Kids Alive as a whole.

In Him,

Jed Hamoud


A number of years ago through a personal contact we were told about the ministry of I-TEC.  Dar El Awlad has been providing Christian care to at-risk children in Lebanon for more than 65 years, and our site and facilities show that wear-and-tear of the years.  The weaknesses of our electricity system have presented dangers to the children on site, and the lack of financial resources, professional workmanship, and technical know-how have made it difficult to make the necessary improvements.  We contacted I-TEC for help knowing that their services would of great need to us.

Tom and Linda Garber visited Lebanon in November of 2010 to conduct an initial assessment our electrical vulnerabilities and needs.  It took a two and a half years- obviously there is significant demands for their services- but in May of 2013 Tom and an I-TEC team arrived to start the large task of improving our site security and safety.  They wasted no time in getting to work and ticking off the many jobs that needed to be done.  This included (mention a few of the most important jobs accomplished).  Even with their expertise and decades of experiences around the world, they managed to find plenty on our site that puzzled and confused. However, they demonstrated the flexibility and resourcefulness to overcome the challenges and do the job right.

Over the course of their visit, the staff at Dar El Awlad gained valuable information about our electrical situation and insight into ways we can better maintain and develop our capabilities.  The knowledge the I-TEC team imparted may be as valuable as the work they accomplished!

More than just the electrical work completed, the people were a welcomed treat to have around.  All the children and staff at Dar El Awlad greatly enjoyed opening our ministry home to the team and spending two special weeks together. There was no question that the team of Tom and Linda, Gene and Steph, Keith Hunsberger, and Jason Malven, were serving from sincere, humble hearts and that their inspiration is to serve our Savior.  Their presence was a blessing to the ministry community and their commitment to quality workmanship and integrity was of great relief.

Dar El Awlad is committed to providing the best possible care for our children and we are confident that I-TEC has helped us be a better ministry and offer a safer home.  It would have been a considerable challenge to address the many electrical issues on our own. We are grateful for the team members that came to serve and the many supporters who gave to make the trip possible.  It is exciting to hear the way God is using I-TEC and the see the plans that are being developed.  The service and support they provide to missions around the world is of significant value, and Dar El Awlad fortunate to have been a recipient.  May God continue to bless I-TEC and use it to see God glorified and the gospel shared.

God Bless,

Dar El Awlad

Kids Alive International- Lebanon