Each Associate brings skills and experience to the team. As a mechanic Brian helps in the areas of transportation, fabrication and welding. Rachael helps with hospitality.

The Monteis have been in full-time ministry since 2010 and are passionate about helping missionaries in practical ways. Brian’s skills as a fabricator, mechanic and welder have been a blessing to the I-TEC team since 2018. Brian is passionate about keeping I-TEC on the move as he trouble shoots mechanical problems, maintains equipment, transports donations, and provides direction to weekly volunteers.

Before joining I-TEC in 2018, the Montei’s served with Friends in Action in Papua New Guinea. While living overseas, the Monteis were able to experience the challenges of living in remote locations and understand the needs that missionaries have while living in a developing country. They are grateful they can help missionaries stay encouraged in the midst of their physical challenges and hope to alleviate the burden by creating self-sufficiency with the installation of solar.

Brian and Rachael have two boys and enjoy serving the Lord as a family.