Read this testimonial from Rachael Montei, Associate missionary with I-TEC

The weekend of August 21, 2021 I sat at an absolutely gorgeous picnic put on by dedicated servants of I-TEC. They took the opportunity to give God glory for the past 15 years in service. I-TEC was created to “Power Missions Worldwide” and God’s faithfulness has been a beautiful reality. While I feel quite new to this Mission organization having joined in 2018, I have appreciated the strong leadership and single purpose to care for missionaries serving around the world and to make their jobs easier to better share the good news of Jesus.

The celebration picnic was eye opening as I enjoyed seeing firsthand how many people from all corners are involved in I-TEC. It takes a large capable team to make what we do possible. I am thankful for my season to support the talent as I homeschool our children. It’s a gift to stay home so my husband, Brian, can be meeting the needs at I-TEC’s headquarters and on trips as God has designed him to do. I have the privilege to be able to say “Go make a difference in the world” and give my family the stability we need by being home.

It’s been a blessing to be part of I-TEC and I’m excited to see our teams once more starting to travel and make a difference in the lives of those missionaries who serve full-time. I can’t wait to see power turned on in one more mission hospital and know that power will make ministry all the more possible! What a gift for the light that will shine in the darkness. The power source that I-TEC is able to build will have a lasting impact on future ministry. I pray the light will beckon all to come near and learn about the Source of the One True Light of our Savior Jesus and His life-changing forgiveness and love!