Hospital Mission Tarahumara

May 2021 brought a new project in Mexico for I-TEC.  For all of the five I-TEC team members, it was a blessing to have had the opportunity to work together with a common purpose of supporting a Christian mission hospital and a Christian camp / conference center in the remote mountains of Mexico.

Michael Fisher was the lead on the second location and he completed a “solar survey” that will give us all the information needed to propose, and when approved, purchase and send the materials necessary for a future project.

Once John Bennetch realized that the camp was operating on single phase (14kw) instead of three phase (20kw) he found another old panel and split the load which will enable the camp to operate this summer without having to re-set the breakers.

We would not have been able to get to both locations without pilot Brent Dodd who fly’s for UIM (United Indian Mission) and shuttled us from one dirt air strip to another. Thanks Brent.

Gerard Rowe and Tom Garber spent most of our time adding additional power lines to the campus to balance their loads.

We (I-TEC) look forward to returning to both locations in the future to do additional electrical work and hopefully provide solar power to meet the electrical needs of both mission organizations. Solar would greatly reduce the need for expensive and difficult to maintain, diesel generator power. 

Thanks to everyone who prayed for our team and the success of the projects. God see’s you as part of the team just as much as those of us who were “the boots on the ground.” Blessings to all!!!!